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On August 5th, 2015 the Honorable Judge Thomas M. Sipkins of the Fourth Judicial District of Minnesota appointed Lewis A. Remele Jr. of Bassford Remele, Minneapolis, MN and Frank Guerra IV of Watts Guerra of San Antonio, TX as Co-Lead Counsel of the Syngenta MN Multi District Litigation (MDL).

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On behalf of Watts Guerra, LLP and Daniel M. Homolka, P.A., as well as our entire group, we hold this honor with highest regard. We will do our best to stand up for US Corn Growers. As of Friday, we represent over 25,298 farmers and filed 92% of ALL CASES in America. We thank you for joining our team

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We are advocates for technology farming but we believe that large companies, like farmers, need to be good neighbors and protect our export channels.

To collect damages, Corn Growers, Elevators & Grain Traders need to to sign up. This is time sensitive and Statute of Limitations apply.

Sincerely yours,


Daniel M. Homolka, P. A.

Minneapolis, MN

Syngenta’s Impact on You

As an American corn grower, you are part of the most productive agricultural community in history. Corn is big business in the United States. Collectively you & your neighbors are the largest exporters of corn in the world. As a result of exceeding domestic demand, you are dependent on foreign markets to balance supply and demand forces here at home.

We feel that documents will show that Syngenta made a calculated decision to ignore the National Grain and Feed Association and other warnings. Syngenta actually filed suit against international shipping giant Bunge who attempted to discourage farmers from unloading the unapproved MIR 162 corn at terminals in Iowa. 

By NGFA estimates, Syngenta's actions caused more than 5 billion dollars in damage to the US corn market & famers like you. As this case unfolds, economists & the lawyers will argue back and forth to determine an exact number which is estimated to range from 22 cents to more than $1 per bushel in 2013 & 2014.

Our Team

Our senior attorneys have assembled a team with depth and knowledge in agriculture & trial law we feel is unsurpassed. We will be your trial lawyers every step of the way from initial filings though trail or settlement.

Please note:  We are NOT CLASS ACTION LAWYERS like handled the STARLINK Corn Case & we are NOT REFERRAL LAWYERS that will pass you on to anther firm…Will will be by your side every step of the way.

Why the Lost Corn Income Group?

(1) We negotiated the Bayer Crop Science Settlement (an almost identical case) that settled for 750M in 2011. We have the resources, we've done it before & we'll do our best to do it for you.

(2) We have filed more than 25,298 cases in Federal & MN State Court to date. We represent more farmers & elevators by a factor of 5 than any other group in this action.

(3) We have local lawyers that are available to help you. 

(4) Several of the lawyers on our team are farmers or come from farming backgrounds.

Our goal is to serve you as we would want to be served. You will be able to interact with real people who will work to maximize your recovery.

The relationship you have with our local counsel members gives us the ability to understand your operation in a way that will be critical as we work to calculate your loss and secure your settlement.

Unlike large class action firms we work directly for you & can be fired by you. We work on a contingency basis which means you owe us nothing until we secure your recovery.